Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lipo 6 (2)

Took the 2 pill dosage this morning and feel more energized than before.

However, results might be a bit shoddy because I'm pretty emotional right now.

My boyfriend is on vacation in Florida with his guy friends and I just found a picture of him in a hot tub with some girls.

I'm disappointed, pissed, sad, and worried... but really I don't think he was doing anything it just sucks to have to find that... to know that he's hanging out with girls in that way. I asked him before he left not to be in the hot tub with girls (the hot tub is at their hotel) because I knew his guy friends would be bringing chicks home to try and bang.

I'm disappointed that he couldn't even respect my wishes. That's the ONLY thing I asked.


Anyway, I weighed myself yesterday at the gym and it was about 148 so I've lost some weight since the last time I was weighed which was actually April 2. Buuuut, I've been working out pretty regularly since then so I'm not attributing the weight loss to Lipo 6.

It's my third day on the pills. Yesterday's workout was lower key than monday's and tuesday's but not because I didn't feel like I could do more or push myself.

I'll write again tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lipo 6

I started Lipo 6 (a fat burner) yesterday, april 28 2009 with the recommended starting dosage of 2 pills a day.

So far so good - I don't really feel any different (aside from a bit more antsy)

I will be updating this as I progress through the 8 week cycle and will also put in weigh-ins to show how my weight loss is going.

Last time I weighed myself I was about 156lbs (I'm 5'1" so blah). I'll weigh myself today when I'm at the gym to have a more concrete starting weight.

Tomorrow I start off with the 4 pill dosage.