Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hi again!

I've discovered it is impossible to focus solely on work when you're sick!! So, I decided I'd do my shopping trip to Delia's post while at lunch (don't have much of an appetite)

I grabbed a couple pairs of jeans (buy one get one half off AND I had a $10 gift card) - two boot cut jeans in a vintage wash and a dark blue wash and a pair of skinny jeans (I forget what color).

I also grabbed this awesome plaid tunic, sort of like the drop waist ones but it doesn't really have a defined waist (there's a bit of cinching in the back)

Last but not least I bought this lovely cami with lacing in a pretty beige color and a great brown belt (my new favorite outfit!).

Yikes! Been a While


I know it's been quite a while since I blogged but I've been rather crazy lately. I went of a family vacation to Syracuse, NY to visit more family :-)

Here are some pics from my trip! Was like a 6hr drive and we also went to Niagara Falls which was a 3hr trip as well! Lots of driving.

<~Here is a photo I took during one of the stops (I drove almost the whole way up, ugh!) Those are my sister's dirty legs in the backseat. [New shirt/tunic from Delia's]

<~Here is a photo of all of us in front of Niagara Falls. My Grandmother, my Uncle Roberto's wife Mari, his son Felix, my Uncle Roberto, my sister June, my Dad Nelson, Ruben, my brother Nathaniel, Marco, me, Alex.

<~A shot of Niagara Falls - the mist was awesome!

<~We also went to the zoo. Was pretty fun, haven't been to a zoo in a long time.

So that's all for now. I'm trying to get back into the swing of work. I'm on the 4-day work week program so I'm here for 10hrs a day. Also, been sick so I've mostly been working and sleeping, haha. I did a little shopping before my trip at Delia's so I'll have another post soon showing all that I got.

Monday, July 6, 2009



I know it's been a bit since I've done an actual blog post but here is a new one!

They opened a Lush at my local mall and I was able to stop in this weekend and actually really check it out (and purchase some stuff!)

I've watched tons of videos reviewing Lush products so I had to get some stuff. I was able to get a sort of sampler box from an old promotion they were doing focusing on hair products.

I got samples of:

seanik solid shampoo (really for my bf to try) - and

soak and float - and

jungle conditioner - and

veganese conditioner (LOVE!) - and

the big tease styling gel.

I haven't used jungle, seanik, or the big tease yet but I DID use both the soak and float shampoo and the veganese conditioner and I am in love. I died my hair red recently and then did not wash it much in the hopes that the red dye would stay in longer and this screwed up my scalp - I had trouble with itchiness and dandruff and then increased oilyness. I'm hoping this shampoo and conditioner will help - so far I feel like my hair is a lot more moisturized than it was without me having to use my spray-in leave-in conditioner from bed head.

I also got -

honey I shrunk the kids soap (OMG LOVE!) - and

the Up You Gets emotibomb.

I really got the emotibomb for my bf who has a hard time being human in the morning as it has a super citrusy scent that I felt would totally rejuvinate him (or me if I decide to use it) and it would be good for in the morning.

The honey I shrunk the kids soap leaves my skin squeaky clean so that awesome honey scent ends up getting covered over by my lotion - maybe I can find a lotion that smells just like it.

Anyways, that's my sorta haul from Lush - I only spent like $23, the sampler thing was $15 and I got like a small sliver of the honey soap so that I could try it first and that was only like $9.38.

Yaaaay! I hope everyone had a great 4th. I'm pooped to be back at work and today is my first 10hr day for the 4-day work week pilot my work is doing. I've already had a bad omen when I got to work my computer wouldn't power on. Soooooo I'm at another cubicle far away from my work friends and the stupid thing doesn't even have adobe so I can't listen to music (I have no CDs at work). Waaahhhh