Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jergens Natural Glow product review

So, I forgot whose blog I was reading but they recommended using Jergens Natural Glow as an alternative to spending hours in the sun or using tanning beds and so I decided to give this a shot.

I've never been one for caring much about whether or not I look tan but due to my boyfriend having gone to Florida for a week I was sort of self-conscious about my pale skin being compared to his so I did go tanning several times.

I got tan then but am not really wanting to continue to go to the tanning bed all the time because of everything people say it does to your skin (skin cancer, wrinkles, etc.) so I actually went out and bought the Jergens stuff.

I bought the Natural Glow revitalizing daily moisturizer as well as the Natural Glow foaming daily moisturizer (for your face).

I've been using this for about three days now and last night at the gym I saw my friend Jessica who I haven't seen for about 4 days or so (when she told me my tan was fading) and the first thing she said to me was "Have you been tanning? Like, a lot?" I cracked up because she sounded worried for me.

So - My review -

The product very obviously works. It comes in Fair, Medium, and Medium/Tan and I believe I got the Medium one.
The only thing BAD I have to say about the product is the smell and I really do not like the way the foaming stuff feels on my face. It says on the back of it to use a golf sized amount - DON'T! I suppose you don't have to get the foaming one as you can just put the revitalizing moisturizer on your face in addition to your body. It is a really creamy formula and it does make your skin feel moisturized like any other lotion. BUT it has that fake tanning stuff smell to it that I really don't like and it overpowers my current perfume. Boo.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beauty Stuffs

My bf got me a sephora gift card for my birthday and I ordered online (couldn't wait to go to the store, silly).

I bought:
Urban Decay Get Baked palette - This is AWESOME! I've recently gotten into golds/browns and these colors are SO vibrant. I love them for summer.

Stila's Cherry Crush Lip/Cheek Stain - OMG!! This is so incredible. I've never been a huge blush person (I own like two) but I watched their video on this on youtube and I have wanted it for a while now. I guess it works with your skin and just makes the PERFECT flush of natural looking color on your cheeks (and your lips!). I used this on both my lips and cheeks with just a light pink lip gloss and it looked so awesome

Opi's Underwater Fantasy from the new mermaid in the shade collection - This color is not as purple as it looks in the swatch thing and it is very shimmery (I guess I should have paid more attention to sephora's description thing) but it has grown on me. It looks great with both one coat and two.

Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy (To Go) - This is a roll-on application perfume that I got after watching one of fafinette's videos. I've been looking for a more fruity kind of perfume. I got this in the roll-on applicator because it was less product and I really just wanted to try it.

This smells great but I find it is too light for me - it doesn't last and if I want to smell it I have to stick my nose to my wrist (where I applied it) to smell it. I like, I guess, a stronger smell that lasts me throughout the day. By like noontime I can't smell this anymore. But, if you don't mind reapplying your perfume throughout the day this is good!

Here is a sorta blurry phone camera shot of nails I did using underwater fantasy (and my Konad image stamping thing). I'm still trying to get the hang of the stamp - Most of the time I can't get the image to be in the same spot/going the same direction on every nail. I've also been using china glaze' top coat and it almost always smears the image. I need a new top coat!

Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm back on the pills - energy is still lacking and the appetite supression I think has waned off as well.


Maybe it is just because I am aware of it, I don't know. I'm still working out everyday though so hopefully the pills will do what they say and help me loose weight.

I feel great when I'm exercising but I seem to have trouble actually shedding weight and that's the main reason why I started the pills.

Anyways, here's to dropping the pounds! Happy friday everyone - soon to be off to visit my friend at college before she graduates.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lipo 6 (4) Update

Ugh, so I've never been good with keeping up with pills.

Shortly after posting about how the energy boost I was getting with this was waning I stopped taking them. It wasn't really a conscious thing (yes it was) LOL!

I will probably be back with it next week (the label talks about a cycle of 8 weeks and then 2 weeks off, I think I made it nearly 2 weeks, lol)

Since being off of it I've had an increase in my appetite but that's it - I haven't had anymore energy issues (whereas I was feeling tired about 2pm while on my second week of the pills ((after I talked about the energy boost wearing off)))

I still exercise everyday (about 30-35mins of cardio and about 15mins of strength training and stretching) but I think the pills were really helping me with managing my eating habits.

My weight can be pretty fluctuatory (is that a word?) but I think I might've gained back a pound since being off the pills (however, I finally went grocery shopping so I have great stuff to eat in the house again whereas before I didn't)

So, next monday I will try to get back on the pills and see if that helps me with my eating. I hadn't noticed that I wasn't as hungry while I was on them and they don't really advertise that as a function of the pills.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Bah - I skipped a workout yesterday.

I've discovered this weird soreness/mild pain in my right leg. It's a combo back of my thigh/hip pain which kicks up when I straighten out my leg/walk. I'm not sure what it is/what I did but hopefully it goes away.

I ended up having to do some shopping for the house (toilet paper, trash bags, etc.) so I didn't have time to workout before Brandon came to pick me up and then when I was home I had that pain so I didn't use my ab lounge.

Oh well. I will be working out today and I'll update you all tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009



I just got tickets to see Gogol Bordello on June 5 in BOSTON!!

I'm so excited I could pee myself.

If you don't know who they are you should seriously look them up

Lipo 6 (3) and stuff

Week 2 on Lipo 6

So the increased energy I was feeling last week with the pills has dissipated. I started drinking decaf coffee yesterday.

My workout on Monday was great - I went an extra 10 minutes for cardio and felt fine afterwards. My motivation/inspiration to work out is awesome, better than it has ever been. I think Lipo 6 has really helped me make exercising a part of my life.

During the weekend I usually am lazy and don't do anything, thinking of it as my break time. But since taking Lipo 6 I've had the drive to work out. Friday I took the day off of work (mental health day) and ended up running all around Salem. I also ran on Saturday and worked out on my ab lounge (which had become just a place to hang clothes) and I even went for a run on Sunday AND worked out on the ab lounge again.

My weight is stable as of yesterday (mon) at 148-149 so we'll see if it goes down at all this week.

Boyfriend stuff - I think I let my loneliness get the best of me during the last two days Brandon was gone in Florida... 9 days is a long time to not see someone you're used to seeing everyday so... was hard for me. Anyways, he brought me two necklaces and a cool shot glass from Florida and even got my Aunt a gift - very nice.