Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Fashion Wishlist (Picture heavy)

I was inspired by several posts from Ana of Style4Me where she put up pictures of fashion items she wanted for the upcoming season. Since Fall is fast approaching I decided to do something similar, well, really the same. Haha.

I will be featuring items on here from my wishlist on,, and

First wishlist (in the form of a polyvore set) is from Forever21! I'm really in love with this store but I wish more of the items shown online came in a size larger than small or x-small, haha. - This is a Web site I discovered watching Sonia on Youtube@sccastaneda

1. This gorgeous kimono drape top - I want purple, black, white, and possibly this or the paler pink - $19.99

2.  This lovely black and white striped knit off the shoulder top - $24.99

3. I love this dress but I don't think I'll be getting it - I'm so horribly self-conscious about my legs and this is so curve hugging but it doesn't stop me from wanting it $29.99

4. Black Lace Keyhole Top - $24.99 - Lace came back in a big way and I like that it is a focal point of the shirt.

5. I want a sexy vest so bad! Everywhere I go to look for one (and those slumpy drape cardigans) they are out! Grr. $24.99

My list was a lot longer but the Web site is constantly changing and many items are no longer there. I like the idea of the plaid layered top with what looks like a black sweater on top but I did the sweater layer thing where the sweater is sewn into the top and it just doesn't work.

1. Red cherry lashes #106 - $1.49
2. Silver love keychain - adorable bling! $7.99
3. Red glitter peace sign makeup bag with zebra print & matching wallet $7.99 I don't have a makeup bag yet!
4. Audree glass drop earings in black $9.99
5. Crystal hoop earrings $4.75
6. Crystal bulged heart ring $9.49
7. Clear/silver delilah Flower ring $6.99
8. Gold leaf earrings/necklace set $10.50
9. Tinker necklace $3.99 OMG I love Fairies
10. bow charm bracelet $2.99
11. Crystal vine bracelet $14.25
12. lola charm bracelet $13.99

Ugh! I have to stop! LOL!! There's more but I have to get off the computer. Please check out these Web sites if you don't know about them already. I think there is a coupon for HotMiamiStyles related to shipping if you use like sccastaneda or something. Sonia has a video on it (hotmiamistyles review).

What are you all obsessing about for Fall? I also want some boots and some thick tights but I can't find either anywhere! I followed DulceCandy's advice and went to target but they were cleaned out!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I saw "I Love You, Man" the other day and it really struck a cord with me. If anyone has not seen it yet please do, it is hilarious!!
I spent the majority of my formative years away from my hometown and so lost a lot of friendships. I went to a boarding school for high school and then out of state for college. It is a really weird prospect to think of making new friends when you're technically an adult. At 24 I'm at a loss (as Paul Rudd is in the movie) of how to meet and make new friends, particularly girls. I was never a "girly girl" during middle school and beyond and, added to that, I was painfully shy (couldn't even order for myself at a restaurant, I would hide behind my mom).
Anyways, since about 23 (last year, LOL!) I've grown in my own femininity and decided I DO like makeup and I DO like clothes... I've lost weight and busted out of my shyness (high school and college were good for that) so I am more interested than I was before in having girls to hang out with, go shopping with, etc... but I don't know how to meet them. LOL!
I've explored the Internet and watch a lot of ladies on youtube that make makeup videos and other stuff as well as read blogs - so I have a question for you ladies. If someone read your blog/watched your youtube videos and discovered they live in the same area as you - would you be weirded out if they made an attempt to contact you and set up a meeting.. like to become friends? I mean... say you could read their blog (like mine) and they'd made a couple videos on youtube (like I have) so you can see who they are, etc., and are pretty sure they're not a psycho killer.
I've attempted to contact someone I discovered lived around me but have heard no response and I'm just worried I came off as stalkerish or scary or something. Lol. Oh well I guess right? I have met a few new girls in the past year but they're really not so much my "style" I guess... more interested in going out to bars/parties and meeting guys, etc. I've sort of never been a big drinker and I get pissed off most of the time at parties because drunk people are so inconsiderate and dumb, lol. Looking for someone I can spend time with shopping, doing makeup, talking about fashion, doing nails, etc.

P.S. Now that the four-day work week is done I am headed back to the gym everyday for 3:30-4:40. My starting weight for this back to the gymness is 150lbs. My goal for calories burned is 600 (I was hitting about 550 before).

Monday, September 7, 2009


Hey everyone,

It's Monday, Labor Day, and I have the day off but all my friends are working so I'm chilling at home with nothing to do. However, I gotta go to the mall as it's my boyfriend's birthday tomorrow and I still haven't gotten him anything.

I don't want to go to the mall though because I am severely wanting to buy some things for myself and I know I don't have the money. My willpower is so horrible when I'm alone. Lol. I need a bodyguard to guard me from spending on myself.

I've been pondering a part-time job to supplement my income at my regular job (just isn't enough with my dang bills!) but have been unable to find anything that offers nights/weekends, everything I've found part time want early morning shifts or overnight and I just can't do that with my full time job. So! I've been looking into sales stuff like being a rep for Lia Sophia jewelry. Does anyone know this brand? There was a rep. at my work last Christmas and I got a couple things from them that I still really like and when I went to Shecky's Girls Night Out in Boston they had a table set up there and me and my friend Jess decided to host a party (Sep. 18, Salem MA [send me a comment if you're interested in coming, the more the merrier]). So, I've been talking to the two reps who are involved in helping me set up the party and being a rep. sounds like a pretty good deal. You pay $150 for a start-up kit that includes like $1000 worth of jewelry (you keep this no matter what) and you decide how many hours each month you will give towards having parties, etc. The reps also said Lia Sophia sends them free stuff now and again and you get a percentage of what's earned at each party you throw. I really like the idea of setting my own hours for a part-time job, I love jewelry, and I think it would be cool to be able to make money just looking at jewelry with a bunch of ladies, lol.

What do you all think of that? Anyone else do that kind of sales work? I know Avon Mark or whatever does a similar thing but I don't know much about that (though I do like the idea of being able to sell makeup & accessories rather than just jewelry).

If any of you are located in MA and interested in meeting sometime shoot me a line. Gawd, that sounds so pathetic. LOL! I went away to school from high-school to college so I don't have that many girl friends around in MA so wouldn't mind a new shopping partner or something.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mini Drugstore Haul

Hey everyone!

I made a pact with myself not to spend a bunch of money on makeup anymore and to focus on using what I've already bought, however, before this went into effect there were a couple of things I wanted to get at the drugstore!

I bought:

Covergirl Lash Blast in black, finally! I LOVE this. The bristles, or lack thereof, were kind of intimidating the first time I tried it but I've been using it about a week now and I love how it coats and seems to separate my eyelashes.

L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow duo in gunmetal. This one is mischief but I couldn't find a picture of gunmetal on Gunmetal is a green duo with a really dark sort of grey gren and then a lighter golden green. I've been using this a lot and I LOVE the dark green, it makes my brown eyes pop!

I also got two L'Oreal HIP eyeliners which I cannot find on either. In the display they were marked as new. I forget the exact colors I got but I think one was called violet flash (purple) and the other is a metallic green (goes perfect with the darker shadow in the gunmetal duo!)

Lastly I got two nail polishes. I wanted to get the Revlon Colorstay foundation but decided against it as I already have two foundations at home and wanted to focus on things I DON'T have (didn't have ANY green eyeshadow or colored eyeliners in pencil form). The polishes are Sinful Colors in greenbean (I think) and Old Gold (again, I think). I've had greenbean on my nails for about a week and the formula is a little weird. I had to work to get a good coat of polish on there without see-through spots and I feel like the color sort of jumps between a dark green and a light goldy green, which I think is awesome! I haven't tried the gold polish yet.

I've tried to take pictures with my phone but it is horrible and you can't really see the colors of the shadow or polish in addition to my face looking a hot mess so. :-)

Happy hump day folks! What all have you guys bought recently from the drugstore? I think I might grab a couple more of the L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow duos.