Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mini Drugstore Haul

Hey everyone!

I made a pact with myself not to spend a bunch of money on makeup anymore and to focus on using what I've already bought, however, before this went into effect there were a couple of things I wanted to get at the drugstore!

I bought:

Covergirl Lash Blast in black, finally! I LOVE this. The bristles, or lack thereof, were kind of intimidating the first time I tried it but I've been using it about a week now and I love how it coats and seems to separate my eyelashes.

L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow duo in gunmetal. This one is mischief but I couldn't find a picture of gunmetal on Gunmetal is a green duo with a really dark sort of grey gren and then a lighter golden green. I've been using this a lot and I LOVE the dark green, it makes my brown eyes pop!

I also got two L'Oreal HIP eyeliners which I cannot find on either. In the display they were marked as new. I forget the exact colors I got but I think one was called violet flash (purple) and the other is a metallic green (goes perfect with the darker shadow in the gunmetal duo!)

Lastly I got two nail polishes. I wanted to get the Revlon Colorstay foundation but decided against it as I already have two foundations at home and wanted to focus on things I DON'T have (didn't have ANY green eyeshadow or colored eyeliners in pencil form). The polishes are Sinful Colors in greenbean (I think) and Old Gold (again, I think). I've had greenbean on my nails for about a week and the formula is a little weird. I had to work to get a good coat of polish on there without see-through spots and I feel like the color sort of jumps between a dark green and a light goldy green, which I think is awesome! I haven't tried the gold polish yet.

I've tried to take pictures with my phone but it is horrible and you can't really see the colors of the shadow or polish in addition to my face looking a hot mess so. :-)

Happy hump day folks! What all have you guys bought recently from the drugstore? I think I might grab a couple more of the L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow duos.


Kalmo said...


I can finally leave a comment! :) It's good to not spend so much on makeup, I'm trying to do the same thing.

I've heard good things about Lash Blast, good to hear it's working for you. Loreal HIP products are so nice. Sinful polishes are nice and cheap.

I recently bought Rimmel blushes from the drugstore, which I love!

LaDonna said...

I've heard good things about Rimmel lipstick as well. I'll have to remember to check some out. I have only one or two blushes (powder) and I have Stila's cherry stain

Denysia said...

the last thing I bought from the drugstore was CVS brand acne medication. it doesn't really work for me. :( i wish they still had the clearasil one!

LaDonna said...

Denysia - oh that stinks! Goodluck finding something that works.