Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I saw "I Love You, Man" the other day and it really struck a cord with me. If anyone has not seen it yet please do, it is hilarious!!
I spent the majority of my formative years away from my hometown and so lost a lot of friendships. I went to a boarding school for high school and then out of state for college. It is a really weird prospect to think of making new friends when you're technically an adult. At 24 I'm at a loss (as Paul Rudd is in the movie) of how to meet and make new friends, particularly girls. I was never a "girly girl" during middle school and beyond and, added to that, I was painfully shy (couldn't even order for myself at a restaurant, I would hide behind my mom).
Anyways, since about 23 (last year, LOL!) I've grown in my own femininity and decided I DO like makeup and I DO like clothes... I've lost weight and busted out of my shyness (high school and college were good for that) so I am more interested than I was before in having girls to hang out with, go shopping with, etc... but I don't know how to meet them. LOL!
I've explored the Internet and watch a lot of ladies on youtube that make makeup videos and other stuff as well as read blogs - so I have a question for you ladies. If someone read your blog/watched your youtube videos and discovered they live in the same area as you - would you be weirded out if they made an attempt to contact you and set up a meeting.. like to become friends? I mean... say you could read their blog (like mine) and they'd made a couple videos on youtube (like I have) so you can see who they are, etc., and are pretty sure they're not a psycho killer.
I've attempted to contact someone I discovered lived around me but have heard no response and I'm just worried I came off as stalkerish or scary or something. Lol. Oh well I guess right? I have met a few new girls in the past year but they're really not so much my "style" I guess... more interested in going out to bars/parties and meeting guys, etc. I've sort of never been a big drinker and I get pissed off most of the time at parties because drunk people are so inconsiderate and dumb, lol. Looking for someone I can spend time with shopping, doing makeup, talking about fashion, doing nails, etc.

P.S. Now that the four-day work week is done I am headed back to the gym everyday for 3:30-4:40. My starting weight for this back to the gymness is 150lbs. My goal for calories burned is 600 (I was hitting about 550 before).

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Kalmo said...

I love that movie too! Making new friends, especially girlfriends, is hard. I'm working on that too. ^^ Yay for the gym, I'm getting back on track as well. Good luck on all your endeavors!