Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 update :-(

Wow - an update is way overdue. So, I was laid off from my job so I've been very MIA from blogger, devoting my time to looking for a job. It has been a pretty fruitless search so far. I was laid off January 26, 2010 and it's now February 24, 2010. Ugh. I just hooked up with a staffing agency though for part-time/temporary work so I am hoping I can at least get something part time while I search for that "right" full-time job.

It's depressing to realize there's very little you are qualified to do despite having gone to college, lol. I'm starting to go rather stir crazy in the house though so I may be getting back onto here... possibly finally starting some videos on youtube. The lighting in my house is pretty horrible but I DID get a flip cam for Christmas so I could take that out into the kitchen or something. Hehe.

Well I hope all of you lovely ladies are doing well!