Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MAC Haul; In the Groove and Misc.


Here are my goodies! I bought one thing from the In The Groove collection that came out and then four things that are permanent items with MAC Cosmetics.

This is what I bought from the In The Groove collection and it's called Blue My Mind. I LOVE it! I did a quick swatch of the colors there on the right.. my first time swatching, heheh. This is dry and without a primer. I did a couple swipes so the pigmentation is nice. This is also my first mineralized eyeshadow. I'm glad I got it because I don't have many blue eyeshadows and I LOVE blues. Blues, Greens, and Purples are my new obsessions.

These are permanent eyeshadows from MAC Cosmetics - the brown is MULCH and the green is HUMID. Humid is a frost shadow and mulch is a velvet. I now own 9 MAC eyeshadows... the others I have include Trax, Mythology, Amber Lights, Saddle, Honey Lust, Nylon, and Retrospect. I have to say Trax is my favorite but I haven't experimented with humid or mulch yet. :-)

The other things I got from MAC are Fix+ and their Brush Cleaner. This will probably be my last makeup purchase for a while because ..well, if you read my blog you know I'm unemployed. Haha. I have to keep trying to save as much money as I can. Thanks so much for reading I hope you all enjoy my blog! Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I know it has been SOOO long since I've updated this blog and I've promised to do hauls and makeup looks and things like this but I haven't. I lost the cable to my camera, in addition to always forgetting to take pictures... but I found it!! This will be a PICTURE LOADED post with a combo of things I've bought in the past few months. There's not too much because I can't be spending too much with the not having a job thing but I have bought some stuff.

These are some drugstore items that I have "hauled." I'd heard a lot of good things about the hard candy brand so I wanted to try a BUNCH of stuff... but had to reel myself in because I can't spend a lot so I decided to try some of their lip stuff.. I got their plexi gloss but there's no name on it, I think it was on the plastic packaging that I took off to open the lip gloss. I also got one of their lipsticks, number 194 in "crush." To be honest... I dislike the lipstick.. it goes on rather dry and there are shimmers in it that you can feel and seem rough to me. I do like the gloss though. It's not really sticky but it's thick and has a pleasant sort of cocoa smell to it. The dream mousse blush from Maybelline is... interesting. It is exactly like it's depicted, very moussey.. haha. It is very sheer and very shimmery. I got number 25 in "rose petal" and I do like it.. it gives a subtle flush paired with a flirty kind of sparkle.

I haven't experimented too much with false lashes but these really caught my eye. I haven't tried them on yet though, haha. These Sally Hansen HD colors, Cyber (purple) and Lite (yellow) are AWESOME! The yellow is actually a really awesome gold color and I'm just obsessed with purple right now :-

This was a recent haul from the Walgreens up the street. I got 2 things from L'Oreal.. their true match powder in W5 "sand beige." I decided to get a new foundation because I've been in the sun a lot recently and have gotten too dark for my other foundations... I chose a powder because I get really sweaty in the heat and maybe a powder would be best. I saw the L'Oreal studio secrets anti-redness corrector in a video of Dulcecandy's and had to get it because I have annoying redness in my cheeks that often shows through under my foundation. It totally works! It's amazing!! The Maybelline pure makeup was on sale for like $3 so I grabbed one in medium beige. I got two of the new Wet'n'Wild lipsticks in 906D and 901B. I was scared the 906D would either be too dark or would blend in with my lips but on my lips it is this amazing red that I LOVE! The pink is just that... totally pink but if you just do one coat it is wearable and flattering. I had to try the Mayelline Lash Stiletto too just from hearing a bunch about it via blogs... I DO like it. It lengthens my lashes a lot but does not add any thickness. I don't mind this though because my lashes are rather thick just short.. so I like the length. From sccastaneda's videos I wanted the hard candy walk the line liquid eyeliner so I got this in asphalt and it is awesome! I am new with liquid eyeliner but this works like a charm! It is easy to control and very black. Woo! The clear polish which I wanted to use as a top coat kind of stinks.. it doesn't add any extra wear for my polish...

I got these loose pigments and lip gloss from the HauteLook sale... the lipgloss is in deep and I LOVE it.. it's a pretty sheer red. The loose pigments are yeyo (white), gunmetal (grey), and rockstar (purple). I tried to do a look with rockstar but I haven't figured out how to rock these yet... 

On to some clothes I got.. Forever 21.. I got these because they kept having the $20 and below sale so these were all like under $15 actually which is awesome.

I got three v-neck t shirts with some rouching along the bust. I got these in large and they fit great. I got black, white, and orange.. trying to add some color to my wardrobe, hehe. I also got two pairs of their fab finds leggings, a pair of black and a pair of white. I also got a cardigan... a long sleeved open cardigan in grey and navy, I LOVE IT... I wore it to the fireworks in my town and it was the perfect summer night coverup, not heavy or anything. 

I also got these accessories because I only have 1 gold piece ...I love hearts so I went a little hearts crazy. I wore the thin hearts the other day and they irritated my ears so I didn't wear them long.. maybe I'll give them another shot. The two smaller necklaces are so short... I was very disappointed, they barely reach my collar bone.

Well ladies (and gents if there are any) that's it for this post. I apologize for how wishy washy I am with the blog. I DO want to devote more time to this.... I've been doing the Insanity workout (I hate/love you Shaun T!) and.. well, I haven't lost any weight aside from like 2 lbs but my endurance is up (I run 3 miles easy peasy) and my muscle tone has improved visibly. I'm nearly to the end now but I think I will continue with it over again when the three months are up. I hope you all have been wonderful... that you had a great Independence Day, and the long weekend that comes with it :-)

I will post up some looks I've done soon. I still have to figure out a better way to take pictures of them because you often can't see too well the colors I use. :-)