Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Big Beautiful Bloggerversary Contest

This is a post regarding ChefAshBabe's contest which she extended the deadline of.

ChefAshBabe is having her Big Beautiful Bloggerversary Contest! in celebration of her 1st year. I'm posting this as part of the contest (again) but mainly because she has extended her deadline to July 10.

So I've finally decided on a prize for the Bloggerversary contest.

I've got an Elf Cosmetics Train case Jam packed with goodies. Goodies include but aren't limited to: Sunblock, bath and body samples, candle tarts and A MYSTERY $25 GC!. I"ll be adding to the case as the contest goes along.

Rules are pretty straightforward: (Please post a comment with each entry)

  • Post a comment & tell me what you'd like to find in the case (keep it under $10 please) I'll take a few suggestions and toss 'em in too. (1 entry)

  • Follow my Blog (1 entry)

  • Grab my button and make a post on your blog about the contest

(1 entry)

  • Tweet this: Win a @eyeslipsface train case full of bath, body & beauty Goodies & A Mystery $25 GC from @ChefAshbabe http://tinyurl.com/mj7vcn Ends 7/10

(1x per day)

Contest Ends July 10th. I will post a winner using Random.org. on July 11th.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

20 Questions - Tag

I grabbed this from Elle
I tag anyone who wants to participate :-)

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without - Keys!
2. Favourite brand of makeup - I don't have a favorite yet
3. Favourite flower - Lilacs
4. Favourite clothing store - H&M
5. Favourite perfume - Right now, Juicy Couture "Viva La Juicy"
6. Heels or Flats - Getting into heels but more flip flips and sneakers
7. Do you make good grades - Adequate
8. Favourite colour - Blue
9. Do you drink energy drinks - Not often
10. Do you drink juice - LOVE juice, so yes.
11. Do you like swimming - Yes
12. Do you eat fries with a fork
- No way, those are finger food!
13. Favourite moisturiser - Clinique Dramatically Different
14. Do you want to get married later on in life- Maybe
15. Do you get mad easily - Annoyed but not really mad.
16. Are you into ghost hunting - No
17. Any phobias - Bees
18. Do you bite your nails - Nope
19. Have you ever had a near death experience - Yes, on a 4 lane highway!
20. Do you drink coffee - I've given it up so I can whiten my teeth!

Have fun ladies!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hump Day!

Hi all.

I haven't posted since Monday but nothing noteworthy has really happened, hehe.

Anyways, I decided to do a post today because I'm happy it's the middle of the week. I started using some mineral makeup yesterday by Naked Minerals (their Almond shade). I've been looking into doing a powder foundation for the summer because liquid just feels too heavy for me. As this is only my second day I don't have a LOT to say about it but so far so good. I was surprised and impressed by how little I had to put on to achieve the coverage I wanted and I like that it does not make me shiny. I feel like my liquid foundation added quite a shine to my face. Also, I feel a lot less oily/dirty by the middle of the day. With my liquid foundation I'd have to curb the desire to go wash my face after lunch.

However, the corners of my nostrils (where they meet my face and blackheads like to hang out) is wicked irritated by this powder. I don't know what it is but I'm constantly wanting to wipe,itch,rub right around there and it's driving me a little crazy. Anyone have any cures for this?

This is my first time using powder foundation and its a mineral formula that's pressed (have heard lots of rants about the mess loose minerals gives ya so went with pressed). Besides the itchiness around my nose it is great! I barely have to put on any bronzer either because it is a duo which has a light and dark shade.

On a non-makeup note I was accepted into a pilot program for my work which will give me 4 day work weeks (but 10hr days). This will start after July 4 and I'm both excited and scared, lol. I don't mind my 8hr days so much but I really like being able to get out at 3:30. With this pilot program I'll be out at 5:30 and so at work 2 extra hours. I don't think it should be a huge problem and am hoping I'll be able to be MORE productive. We shall see. I'm excited to be able to start my weekends on Thursday (and not just because my boyfriend has Fridays off). I'll be able to schedule doctors appointments and the like on fridays without having to take sick time, yadda yadda (so annoying!)

Sooo, yeah. That's all. Happy hump day!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Hi bloggers!

I'm amending my writing style a little because I now have followers, lol. I went shopping this weekend after hearing about sales at Old Navy and Kohls. They had $2 tank tops at Old Navy and just about everything at Kohls was some % off (was hard not to go broke in there!).

I've been wanting to buy a couple dresses for the summer (even though the weather has been cold and rainy lately) because I've been feeling better about my body and wanting to break out of my love affair with long jeans in the summer, haha. Alas, my first stop was to Forever 21 and the two dresses I tried on pushed me right back into hating my legs and being depressed about my chubby chest, lol.

Anyways, at Old Navy I got 5 basic layering tank tops that look like this one. I got white, black, a purple and white striped one, a crazy tie dye sort of one that was in oranges, reds, and yellows, and a green and white striped one.

Also, I got two of these shirts which are WICKED cute!! ( I got red and green). I got four pairs of basic flip flops too, black, brown, green, and red. I was disappointed because on the website they had all these colors available but in the store there was barely anything left in my size (7). I ended up getting the black ones in a size 8 but they work alright.

At Kohls I tried on a couple more dresses but wasn't feeling it but I did finally buy a purse (after 3 hours of searching for lost keys that I KNOW were picked up and then not turned in for hours, come on people! hahah) . I also tried on some jean capris but it was craziness... nothing fit! I was even looking in size 11 and they were too tight. Bah!

<~This is it and I LOVE it. The brown is this rich chocolate color and looking at it makes me not so sad that it's all rainy here in Mass!

Well, that's it for my haulage. I'm dying for some Threadless t-shirts and some Lush bath products so I will be saving for those and I will do another Haul post for that. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had an interesting one. My boyfriend Brandon has family in California (San Francisco to be exact) and they all are here for a week and some change so I got to meet them on Saturday. I would have been freaking out but Saturday was the day I went to Old Navy and Forever 21 so I was sort of bumming about not fitting right into those dresses so I wasn't as nervous as I would have been otherwise to meet more of his family.

He had two aunts come up (on his mom's side) one of which has two twin girls (5 and 7) and a really fun husband, hahah. The firls were super cute and totally in love with Brandon and his brother Kyle. We had sort of a cookout thing and his uncle Carlos came out with his daughter Sakuera (sp?). We also watched that Karate Panda movie and the kids passed out one Brandon and Kyle (so cute!).

On Saturday night we ended up going to this beautiful restaurant/bar with his aunt Deanna (the one without the kids) and she bought us some food and a couple drinks (omg I'm such a lightweight but I didn't embarass myself Brandon says). She's so cool! She's been all over and is one of those people who totally motivates you! I have all these ideas in my head now about traveling and starting to write seriously (I REALLY want to write books as my career).

Anyway, that's my weekend and haul. I'll do a weightloss/exercise post soon. I have to buy one of those tape measurers that isn't stiff so I can measure my weightloss on more than the scale because it hasn't gone down but I feel like I'm slimmer.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bloggerversayr Contest (entry)

Blogger Ashley is having a contest! It's called the Beautiful Bloggerversary contest and features an Elf Costmetics train case with beauty products inside.

The rules are:

Rules are pretty straightforward: (Please post a comment with each entry)

  • Post a comment & tell me what you'd like to find in the case (keep it under $10 please) I'll take a few suggestions and toss 'em in too. (1 entry)

  • Follow my Blog (1 entry)

  • Grab my button and make a post on your blog about the contest

(1 entry)

  • Tweet this: Win a @eyeslipsface train case (Black, bandanna print) full of bath, body & beauty Goodies from @ChefAshbabe http://tinyurl.com/mj7vcn

(1x per day)

Friday, June 5, 2009

So Flippin Excited!

My rates at work are going to be in the toilet today. I am so excited about the concert tonight.

I don't think anyone reads this but, if you do, and you forgot my previous post, my boyfriend and I are going to see Gogol Bordello tonight at the House of Blues in Boston. They don't do a whole lot of performances on the East Coast (that I can get to) so it is so AWESOME that they are right in Boston. Tickets (2) only cost me like $60!

My boyfriend and I were silly and we bought a bunch of clothing in purple because we lover Gogol's song "Start Wearing Purple" and we're going to wear purple outfits to the concert.

Watch the video below!

For weightloss stuff - Well, I've gotten kind of lazy and haven't taken the lipo 6 pills so I don't know if I'll really be doing updates much anymore. I'm still working out everyday but if anyone is looking to find out if the Lipo 6 works by reading this blog - well, you probably won't. Lol.

Like I wrote before when I was doing good with my blogging/pill taking... the extra energy I was feeling wore off after about a week of taking the pills which stunk a lot. Also, the scales I have access to are all weird so I was thinking I was loosing more than I might actually have lost.

Regardless of what I have LOST I feel really great. All of my friends that haven't seen me for a week or a few days have commented on me looking slimmer (which is really what matters right?) so I am happy.

I can feel the muscle coming back in my legs and have seen growing definition in my arms and my stomach (mostly the sides) so there is improvement in my physique even if I haven't dropped 20lbs.