Friday, June 5, 2009

So Flippin Excited!

My rates at work are going to be in the toilet today. I am so excited about the concert tonight.

I don't think anyone reads this but, if you do, and you forgot my previous post, my boyfriend and I are going to see Gogol Bordello tonight at the House of Blues in Boston. They don't do a whole lot of performances on the East Coast (that I can get to) so it is so AWESOME that they are right in Boston. Tickets (2) only cost me like $60!

My boyfriend and I were silly and we bought a bunch of clothing in purple because we lover Gogol's song "Start Wearing Purple" and we're going to wear purple outfits to the concert.

Watch the video below!

For weightloss stuff - Well, I've gotten kind of lazy and haven't taken the lipo 6 pills so I don't know if I'll really be doing updates much anymore. I'm still working out everyday but if anyone is looking to find out if the Lipo 6 works by reading this blog - well, you probably won't. Lol.

Like I wrote before when I was doing good with my blogging/pill taking... the extra energy I was feeling wore off after about a week of taking the pills which stunk a lot. Also, the scales I have access to are all weird so I was thinking I was loosing more than I might actually have lost.

Regardless of what I have LOST I feel really great. All of my friends that haven't seen me for a week or a few days have commented on me looking slimmer (which is really what matters right?) so I am happy.

I can feel the muscle coming back in my legs and have seen growing definition in my arms and my stomach (mostly the sides) so there is improvement in my physique even if I haven't dropped 20lbs.

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