Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Fashion Wishlist (Picture heavy)

I was inspired by several posts from Ana of Style4Me where she put up pictures of fashion items she wanted for the upcoming season. Since Fall is fast approaching I decided to do something similar, well, really the same. Haha.

I will be featuring items on here from my wishlist on,, and

First wishlist (in the form of a polyvore set) is from Forever21! I'm really in love with this store but I wish more of the items shown online came in a size larger than small or x-small, haha. - This is a Web site I discovered watching Sonia on Youtube@sccastaneda

1. This gorgeous kimono drape top - I want purple, black, white, and possibly this or the paler pink - $19.99

2.  This lovely black and white striped knit off the shoulder top - $24.99

3. I love this dress but I don't think I'll be getting it - I'm so horribly self-conscious about my legs and this is so curve hugging but it doesn't stop me from wanting it $29.99

4. Black Lace Keyhole Top - $24.99 - Lace came back in a big way and I like that it is a focal point of the shirt.

5. I want a sexy vest so bad! Everywhere I go to look for one (and those slumpy drape cardigans) they are out! Grr. $24.99

My list was a lot longer but the Web site is constantly changing and many items are no longer there. I like the idea of the plaid layered top with what looks like a black sweater on top but I did the sweater layer thing where the sweater is sewn into the top and it just doesn't work.

1. Red cherry lashes #106 - $1.49
2. Silver love keychain - adorable bling! $7.99
3. Red glitter peace sign makeup bag with zebra print & matching wallet $7.99 I don't have a makeup bag yet!
4. Audree glass drop earings in black $9.99
5. Crystal hoop earrings $4.75
6. Crystal bulged heart ring $9.49
7. Clear/silver delilah Flower ring $6.99
8. Gold leaf earrings/necklace set $10.50
9. Tinker necklace $3.99 OMG I love Fairies
10. bow charm bracelet $2.99
11. Crystal vine bracelet $14.25
12. lola charm bracelet $13.99

Ugh! I have to stop! LOL!! There's more but I have to get off the computer. Please check out these Web sites if you don't know about them already. I think there is a coupon for HotMiamiStyles related to shipping if you use like sccastaneda or something. Sonia has a video on it (hotmiamistyles review).

What are you all obsessing about for Fall? I also want some boots and some thick tights but I can't find either anywhere! I followed DulceCandy's advice and went to target but they were cleaned out!

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Kalmo said...

I wish forever21 made things in larger sizes too, everything is so tight there lol. Nice clothing choices! I long for sexy tops/curve hugging dresses but I don't think I would ever wear them either. ^^ I want more boots and better jeans for fall.