Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I got tagged! Photo Tag via Rosamond

Rosamond of Beari's Beauties tagged me to do this photo tag

What you do:

1) Open your first photo folder

2) Scroll down to the 10th photo

3) Post that photo and story on your blog

4) Tag 5 other (or more) friends to do the same

Ha! This is a photo my boyfriend and I on halloween in 2007, about a month after we met. I've never been a big fan of taking pictures of myself and this is one of my first few attempts (hence the retarded angle and extreme close-up). I apologize for the snogging, we did a lot of that the first few months. HAHA!

Well, that's all for that. I'm going to tag a couple of people as well.

1. Holly!

2. Ella!

3. Courtney!

4. Stephanie!

5. Denysia!

Hope you had fun reading - anyone is welcome to do the tag as well, have fun!


LaDonna said...

Comment test?

brett said...

yo! this is brett from the blogger team. saw your post in the thread. testing your comments. hope it works ;-)

Viva La Fashion said...

ive heard good things about lash blast. i felt the bristles at a stand in walmart. and i loved the way they flet against my fingers. :)