Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm sort of MIA from blogging right now as the only time I have available to be online now is at work and I can't really use it for personal things. The Internet cable that was connecting my boyfriend's computer to the Internet in my house was shredding (we were searching unsuccessfully for some thick electrical tape to combat this as my Aunt's door [Internet goes through her modem] was shredding the wire casing) and I think my Aunt got fed up and took the cable out and put it into the hallway where the dog ended up chewing it so the tiny clip piece is off now, a.k.a it won't stay in the modem.

I haven't really had anything to blog about lately anyways - money issues have made it so that I've decided I will not be purchasing any makeup (save for perhaps a few drugstore products I want to try) or clothing. I'm really needing to save and with my current income-to-bills ratio I can't be spending much AND be able to save. Sad, I know.

I think I am going to be focusing on beefing up my makeup skills (practicing more on myself and friends, when they let me, lol) and getting some good use out of the makeup I've already purchased. Hopefully I will get the cable fixed soon (it is REALLY long so I think we can just go somewhere to get it clipped and have the clippy part replaced).

Until then... I'll miss you! Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@ladonnaflynn) and I may try to figure out this blogging through my phone thing.

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