Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Thursday!

I felt like doing an update. I started this blog mostly because I was interested in blogging in general but also as a means for tracking my weightloss and such.

So, as my readers know (or you should!) I'm involved in a 4-day work week at my job where I work 4 10 hour days and then have a day off during the week. Well, it has been hard for me to figure out a time for exercising (I was going to my work's gym at 3:30 when I got off of work and then getting picked up by my boyfriend after he got off of work at around 4:40). Well, now I get out of work at 5:30 and get the train at 5:57 and get home around 6:30. My boyfriend now goes to the gym after work at like 4:30 (even though I begged him to wait so we could go together and share his membership at Planet Fitness, lol) because he doesn't want to hang around the house for like 2hrs. So.... by the time I get home I'm tired, hungry, and just want to eat dinner and go to bed. Lol.

I'm TRYING to motivate myself to go for a run when I get home... dinner will be there when I'm done but lately it's usually ME cooking or it is psychotically hot and I'd probably pass out.

Last night (aug 4) it was AWESOME out.. not too hot and there was a breeze but GUESS WHAT!!!! I get a call from Brandon (my boyfriend) at 5:55 while I'm waiting for the train that he got REARENDED!!! I freaked. I had had to take the car to the dealership on Saturday because the brakes/tires were really squeaky and it sounded dangerous and ended up having to pay $314 to get the front brakes replaced ($218 for LABOR) and then Brandon gets in an accident on Wed. OMG!

The damage is not really that bad... I'd already backed into a fire hydrant so there was a dimple in the (PLASTIC) bumper in the back and now there's a BIG crease in the bumper, a bunch of scratches (and red paint transfer from the stupid lady that hit him) and the bumper is sort of disconnected on the left side from the rest of the car. Also, when he got hit from behind our car was forced into the car that'd stopped short in front of him so there's some squishing of the plastic thing that holds the front license plate.

Anyways, the lady told Brandon she would pay for the damage but that she doesn't want to go through any insurance companies. I feel like I should... like, why should I do her a favor to make her insurance not go up when she HIT my car because she was being a dumby?! Brandon was upset with me because he thought I was freaking out about the accident too much and it wasn't that bad... I don't know.

Back to weightloss though... I'm 155 so staying steady despite not exercising, lol. I'm pleased with that but I want to be LOOSING weight and I feel like the definition I'd gained during my good working out period is gone.

Hopefully life will calm down, go back to normal, and I can start exercising again. I was just too upset/stressed last night to take advantage of the nice weather.

I hope everyone is doing great!! I probably won't be having many posts of late with new clothes/makeup or anything but I DID get in a MAC order I'd purchased before and some KORES guava body stuff I'd gotten from hautelook. I got 3 eyeshadows from MAC (trax, mythology, and retrospeck) as well as a 15 palette ... I swatched them and am totally in love but haven't used them yet (feel their too bold/sparkly for work, haha).

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