Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dolly Tag - The List

Holly started a Tag about 5 celebrities you'd be allowed to cheat on your significant other with, lol.

I figured I'd do it because it seems quick and simple and I've been missing blogging (if you read my last post you'll know I'm unable to get on the internet at home now)

1. Mark Ruffalo

How frickin adorable right!? Personally, I think he looks a lot like my bf (or my bf looks a lot like him) so I feel very blessed because Mark is my ultimate celebrity crush - He's cute, he's funny, and he's a total family man.

2. Gerard Butler

OMG I love him! He's handsome, intelligent, talented, and just seems like an all-around great guy. I try to watch EVERY movie he comes out with.

3. Jake Gyllenhaal

Another cutey! I think a lot of folks were crushing on this celeb until Brokeback Mountain came out. For me, he's still in my list.

4. David Beckham

How can you NOT mention David Beckham in a hot celebrity list!? He's gorgeous AND he plays soccer, which is my fav. sport. I think Beckham is my longest running celebrity crush but he's dropped down in the list as I'm not really a fan of Posh... but who am I to judge right? She's beautiful and I'm sure she's a wonderful lady and mom. :-) Their kids are adorable too.

5. Eduardo Verastegui

Classic model/actor - the guy is just drop-dead gorgeous. He was on an episode of Charmed and I tracked him down through google. Very nice to look at, haha. I wouldn't say he's much of a celebrity though, yet.

Ok! That's it. I tag anyone who wants to do this - Holly wanted folks to comment to her blog with your post doing the tag so if you do it let her know too. I put a link to her blog in the "tag"

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