Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lipo 6 (3) and stuff

Week 2 on Lipo 6

So the increased energy I was feeling last week with the pills has dissipated. I started drinking decaf coffee yesterday.

My workout on Monday was great - I went an extra 10 minutes for cardio and felt fine afterwards. My motivation/inspiration to work out is awesome, better than it has ever been. I think Lipo 6 has really helped me make exercising a part of my life.

During the weekend I usually am lazy and don't do anything, thinking of it as my break time. But since taking Lipo 6 I've had the drive to work out. Friday I took the day off of work (mental health day) and ended up running all around Salem. I also ran on Saturday and worked out on my ab lounge (which had become just a place to hang clothes) and I even went for a run on Sunday AND worked out on the ab lounge again.

My weight is stable as of yesterday (mon) at 148-149 so we'll see if it goes down at all this week.

Boyfriend stuff - I think I let my loneliness get the best of me during the last two days Brandon was gone in Florida... 9 days is a long time to not see someone you're used to seeing everyday so... was hard for me. Anyways, he brought me two necklaces and a cool shot glass from Florida and even got my Aunt a gift - very nice.

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