Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lipo 6 (4) Update

Ugh, so I've never been good with keeping up with pills.

Shortly after posting about how the energy boost I was getting with this was waning I stopped taking them. It wasn't really a conscious thing (yes it was) LOL!

I will probably be back with it next week (the label talks about a cycle of 8 weeks and then 2 weeks off, I think I made it nearly 2 weeks, lol)

Since being off of it I've had an increase in my appetite but that's it - I haven't had anymore energy issues (whereas I was feeling tired about 2pm while on my second week of the pills ((after I talked about the energy boost wearing off)))

I still exercise everyday (about 30-35mins of cardio and about 15mins of strength training and stretching) but I think the pills were really helping me with managing my eating habits.

My weight can be pretty fluctuatory (is that a word?) but I think I might've gained back a pound since being off the pills (however, I finally went grocery shopping so I have great stuff to eat in the house again whereas before I didn't)

So, next monday I will try to get back on the pills and see if that helps me with my eating. I hadn't noticed that I wasn't as hungry while I was on them and they don't really advertise that as a function of the pills.

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