Monday, July 6, 2009



I know it's been a bit since I've done an actual blog post but here is a new one!

They opened a Lush at my local mall and I was able to stop in this weekend and actually really check it out (and purchase some stuff!)

I've watched tons of videos reviewing Lush products so I had to get some stuff. I was able to get a sort of sampler box from an old promotion they were doing focusing on hair products.

I got samples of:

seanik solid shampoo (really for my bf to try) - and

soak and float - and

jungle conditioner - and

veganese conditioner (LOVE!) - and

the big tease styling gel.

I haven't used jungle, seanik, or the big tease yet but I DID use both the soak and float shampoo and the veganese conditioner and I am in love. I died my hair red recently and then did not wash it much in the hopes that the red dye would stay in longer and this screwed up my scalp - I had trouble with itchiness and dandruff and then increased oilyness. I'm hoping this shampoo and conditioner will help - so far I feel like my hair is a lot more moisturized than it was without me having to use my spray-in leave-in conditioner from bed head.

I also got -

honey I shrunk the kids soap (OMG LOVE!) - and

the Up You Gets emotibomb.

I really got the emotibomb for my bf who has a hard time being human in the morning as it has a super citrusy scent that I felt would totally rejuvinate him (or me if I decide to use it) and it would be good for in the morning.

The honey I shrunk the kids soap leaves my skin squeaky clean so that awesome honey scent ends up getting covered over by my lotion - maybe I can find a lotion that smells just like it.

Anyways, that's my sorta haul from Lush - I only spent like $23, the sampler thing was $15 and I got like a small sliver of the honey soap so that I could try it first and that was only like $9.38.

Yaaaay! I hope everyone had a great 4th. I'm pooped to be back at work and today is my first 10hr day for the 4-day work week pilot my work is doing. I've already had a bad omen when I got to work my computer wouldn't power on. Soooooo I'm at another cubicle far away from my work friends and the stupid thing doesn't even have adobe so I can't listen to music (I have no CDs at work). Waaahhhh

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