Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Minute Shopping!

Aghhh! So, I have about three people left on my list for xmas shopping and am going to the mall today after work -shaking knees-

My list includes: my little brother (thinking gamestop/best buy gift card), my dad (no idea!), my bf's mom, my bf's dad, my bf's brother (again, gamestop/best buy gift card), my friend Nicole (her birthday was on wednesday as well!), my friend Cole (no idea!), and my friend Cliff (Harrison's gift card).

Last year I got my bf's mother a gift set from bath and body works but I have no clue whether or not she used it/liked it... he got her a tea set with some tea and may do that again this year. Bah!

I was flippin gout because money's tight and i don't want to get cheap gifts but I just realized I get another paycheck right before my bills are due so it's almost like I got free money! Hehe. I'm going to try try try not to spend a lot and to save most of it because I can never save anything.

Anyone else doing some last minute shopping? Do you all have at least an idea of what you're getting? Does anyone think gift cards are horrible? I feel kind of bad sometimes getting them but then I convince myself they're the best because the card giver doesn't have to stress and the card receiver can get exactly what they want!

Oh, I'm DEFINATELY getting myself something when I go out today... maybe a perfume and a couple bras. Omg. I hate my bras. Any suggestions where to go for bras? Most of my friends say Vic Sec's is not really worth it because the intimates get destroyed so quickly.

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