Monday, December 28, 2009

What I'm Loving :-)

I've seen a lot of these posts, a.k.a. ups and downs, most used, etc. so I decided I'd do something along the same lines.

End of 2009 loves

1. Leggings
2. Huge scarves
3. Perfume!
4. Chunky jewelry
5. Green eyeshadow
6. Credit cards (finally got one!)
7. Nail art (been painting my nails like crazy!)
8. Boots
9. Fuzzy slipper socks (omg so warm when lounging)
10. Blazing infernos in my fireplace

What were your most loved items of 2009?

PRESSIES!? What did everyone get for Christmas??

I got a flip hd camera from my boyfriend, Brandon. I got some monies from my Dad and my Grandfather... a gift card to the movies from my Aunt, a cute robe, and a cute betty boop shirt. My friend Jess got me a few movies I'd asked for... my friend Cliff got me a sephora gift card... Brandon's grammy gave me this lovely bracelet and his mom got me a lovely pink sweater (the bracelet has a pink heart stone on it that totally matches, hah). Was a good Christmas because all my folks liked their pressies. I'm giving Brandon half of the money for a playstation 3 and I got him some winter gloves (he doesn't have any but always tries to clear off the car with his bare hands). Course, it hasn't snowed since Christmas so they're not getting used and will probably be lost. Lol.

Anyone already starting out on their New Years Resolutions? 

I have! I pigged out Saturday and then started my "diet" on Sunday (we ordered from a pizza place and I got a salad with grilled chicken!). Also, I watched the film "Food Inc." (anyone see it? Sick) and have decided that I am going to try, as much as I can, to purchase more locally grown goods a.k.a healthier food (it can be expensive!) I discovered that there is a farmers' market in Salem! Of course it is between July and October so I missed it. I WILL be sure to visit in July though.  

I've been doing well with the gym too, however, sort of fighting with by boyfriend about it now. He wants to go back to the gym to prepare for the firefighter exam, the physical part, but doesn't want to go after picking me up from work because it is too much back and forth driving. In all fairness there IS a train that can take me from home to work and back, however, it is WINTER! I told him it wasn't fair to spring that on me now in the freezing cold. Then tried to talk to him about a schedule, like I take the train two days, he picks me up two days and goes to the gym after. I even said he could go to the gym after work and THEN pick me up and that when the weather gets better I will definitely take the train. He of course didn't want to talk about it and told me to forget it so... whatever, we'll see. I always try to get him to run with me or go to the gym on the weekend but his excuse is "there's no point in going for two days a week." His way or the highway I guess. I wish my apartment was more sturdy so I could exercise in there without being paranoid I'll fall through the floor and kill myself! LOL! I love winter but I'm yearning for warmer weather these days so that I can really exercise outdoors. I want to get into biking and rollar blading!

I did a little filming with my flip cam but it was charging most of Christmas day... so I got some present opening from Brandon's family and some day after cleanup of my family... if interested the video is here Christmas 2009!

That's all! Hope your holidays were great ladies (and any gents). Still trying to figure out what to do with my hair and for New Years


Kym said...

have a happpy new year :)

Cake Girl said...

hey chica!

I love your blog... so I have you an award. On my blogage xxx