Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Giveaway entry!!

The adorable Holly at DollyMix184 writes is having a giveaway! It's her first and looks like great prizes. How cool to get some UK stuff eh?

She's super stylish, lovely, and funny so you should follow her blog regardless... and enter her giveaway!

The giveaway is open to everyone, internationally, in the UK, and in Ireland you just have to post a comment on her blog post saying "enter me" and you can also get additional entries for linking to her giveaway in your own blog and/or through Twitter.

Good luck everyone!!

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Pinklipssstick said...

Hi. I answered your question on my blog, but I don't think you will check back now since it's kind of late, so here it is:
Yes, it's to use with hair dye--it's not a dumb question; most people don't know how to mix dye. If you just want red hair, you don't have to do brown can just use a red color that lifts color(check out the brand in my haul, those work well for that), and that will lighten your hair. And you always need a developer when you buy a dye (except boxed dyes--like the kind at CVS)--40 is to lighten, and the lower the number, the less that it will lighten your hair.

You can email me if you have more questions: