Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Random Update

Hey ladies (and gents?) 

I know it's been another long while since my last post. I'm still unemployed and have been trucking my butt around passing out my resume and filling out applications rather than simply sticking with online applications through CareerBuilder, Craigslist, and JobQuest. 

I was actually called on Thursday (April 29) to attend a "pre-screening" for an administrative assistant position I'd applied for around the end of January. Took them long enough eh?? I'm super excited though. I have also given my resume to two of my friends who have openings where they work. AND I JUST got a call from Nordstroms in Peabody about a position (hoping I won't take that) but this has definitely been a HUGE turn around in the job search department and I could not be happier. Went three months without so much as a rejection e-mail and now I could have 4 jobs, haha. 

My last post, or posts? were cooking related and I have still been trying out some recipes from online and whatnot but haven't really kept track. I did a round steak recipe with onions that came out alright, a little dry. I also had a potluck with my girlfriends this past sunday that was a huuuge hit! I took some video with my flipcam so if anyone is interested I may post that up on my youtube channel. 

I've also been experimenting with my makeup and pondering posting up some pictures or a video related to makeup. Trying to get my buds to let me work on them, haha. They aren't really interested on being on youtube.

I know I've posted on here complaining about my lack of lady friends as well and there's been a turn around there as well. I think depression over my lack of a job drove me to go out and drink a bunch whereas I used to not go out much... and I met several lovely ladies at the bars and we've hit it off (one of them is actually a licensed beautician!) So, that's another good change in my life.

My boyfriend and I had a fight, nothing really spectacular, but for me the fight sort of clicked something in my head (or heart?) that's allowed me to feel really content in my relationship. It's an odd thing to realize after being in this relationship for nearly 3 years. I was carrying around a lot of baggage from my last relationship and, though I realized it, I couldn't help but feel certain things.... however, after the latest fight I think I was finally able to let go of that baggage and realize... hey! This bf is NOT anything like the last one... I'm taking our life together one step at a time and not letting little things bug me. I am really happy about it :-)

I hope all you lovely ladies (and gents? hahha) are doing great. I will hopefully be back around on this semi-reliably. Thanks for sticking with me and enjoying my blog! (got another follower since I was here last I believe!)

Oh, I went and saw Gogol Bordello again on Wednesday with Brandon (he bought me the tickets for Valentine's Day) and it was spectacular. I wish I had realized before we headed out that I would be standing around for four hours. I wore these high boots (thinking only about my short height) and my feet were killing me. I wish now that I had tied my hair back and wore some comfy sneakers so that I could've joined in on the intense moshing (I wore my hair down and had dangly earrings on which I was afraid would get pulled out!)

Alright, that's all I can think to update you all on. Things in the world of LaDonna are great, despite still being jobless after three months. For those of you that are also on the unemployed train... don't get down on yourself, your stop is coming!! (heheh)

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