Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Infinity by Conair straightener = AWESOME!

The link to this awesome project is here:

My friend bought this straightener because we had a surprise night together and while we were getting ready my straightener broke. We both got it at Target (targeyyy). I bought mine after curling her hair and seeing her THREE days later with her hair STILL curly, still soft and bouncy, and still looking great if not BETTER than when I first curled her hair. 

I cannot even tell you guys how LONG I have been trying and searching for products to curl my hair. It's a classic case of the grass is always greener because all my friends claim they'd kill to have my wavy, thick, long hair but I would and have done ANYTHING to get purposeful, flirty curls. Well, I've never gotten a perm but I've tried all kinds of other chemicals from mouses to pomades to sleeping in curlers. Nothing has ever worked!

I was skeptical that this straightener would work on my hair simply because it is so small and weighs like nothing. I was like "this is not powerful enough to curl my hair" or if it did curl my hair it wouldn't even last through the night. IT WORKED!!

It is day 4 and my hair is still lovely. The curl is not as pronounced but now they have that sexy toussled beach wave thing going on. I don't have pictures for you but I will definitely take pictures next time to show you guys real evidence that this totally works! Girls, if you have unmanageable THICK hair that's like a horse's tail... this will work for you!! The price tag at target said 27.95 but at the register (Oct. 9) it was $17! I was so excited.

I bought this straightener with my own money for those worrying about FTC guidelines and I'd buy it again!! There's also a green one that I saw. I know it's been forever since I posted but I had to share this.

Hope some of you will get this and be as happy with it as me.


Kalmo said...

Thanks for hair straightener review! Yay for getting it on sale too! I want to try straightening my hair for a more sleek look but I worry about heat damage, does it dry your hair out or anything?

LaDonna said...

Hey hun! Thanks for reading and commenting :-)

I'm always worried about that too which is part of the reason I think I haven't gone on to purchase a straightening iron that gets really hot. However, the site says that the ceramic irons it uses is supposed to add shine to hair. There are TONS of different heat protectants out there as well. I use Beyong the Zone turn up the heat flat iron protection and it works well for me, however, I also dye my hair :-( Hehe. Since regular dying my hair has gotten a little dryer, particularly on the ends.