Friday, January 18, 2013

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Good morning beauties!

I usually post my weightloss/exercise/fitness/health stuff on my journal and bodyspace but I want to share my journer here as well. On 12/15/2012 I took some photos, made some measurements, and weighed myself. I resolved to do this once a month, every month, so that I can see my progress. I also resolved to stop cheating myself. I workout hard nearly every day... but my eating is not spot on so I was bringing myself back to stage 1 with my poor eating choices. My lack of control/will power made it impossible for me to allow myself some small cheats (like many have a cheat meal, or a treat) was like I was bingeing. Since Christmas I have been able to eat better than I was. No cake, no cookies, no frozen yogurt (just because it isn't ice cream doesn't mean you can over indulge) and I've been sticking to a small piece of chocolate (just ONE) here and there. I cannot emphasize how proud of myself I am and how GOOOOOOOD this has made me feel.

January 10 I received my Polar FT7 heart rate monitor/calorie tracker from Amazon. I was SO excited to use it. I put this on in the morning so that I could track my non-working out calories while sitting on my butt at work (don't you wonder what your daily calorie burn is when you're just.... living!?) and discovered I burn around 100 calories an hour.... just sitting. Haha. However, when I wore it during my workout I discovered that the calorie counting the cardio machines do is not entirely accurate. I ran my usual warm-up mile (I start at 6.2 and usually finish around 7.5 to push myself) and it took me about 9:30. The machine stated I'd burned 144 calories while my Polar said 91. That's a 53 calorie difference... not HUGE but big enough.. when you're going over 3.2 on the treadmill you can't hang on to the hrm so that it can see how hard you're pushing yourself.. I also did not input my weight or age while all of that information is stored in my Polar.

I've never been able to track my weight lifting calorie burn... and I feel this is where I push myself the most (sweating buckets ladies!). It was great to track this. In 1hr 32mins of strength training I burned 721 calories. I'm already planning on pushing harder today to reach an even 800... and next time even higher!

I was so excited to see my burn that I joined a Zumba class to see what the burn would be for a group excercise class. In 56 mins of Zumba (sort of low key cardio for me) I burned 400 calories.

Now, I've done this regimine before (all of my "logging" is done on MyFitnessPal) and it said I burned 320 calories... that's nearly 80 more calories I burned.

Bottom line... I believe I've been mislead in terms of calories burned so I may have been overeating... or undereating even. I'm still working on my numbers but I feel that this tool will really make the difference in my weightloss journey. It will also push me to increase my fitness level and I'm so excited!

My weigh in for 1/15/2013 was 148lbs. I was disappointed that I'd only lost 2lbs in a month...but my fitness goals have been reached. I'm running a mile in almost 9 minutes flat (way better than the 10+ I WAS running when I started).. my strength is going up and I've lost inches.

On 12/15/2012 I weighed in around 150lb (6lbs down from my start in February 2012) and I was 30.6% bodyfat.
My chest went from 38in to 36...still 36 at this time.
Arms 13
Waist was 33.5
Hips were around 40.5
Thighs 25
Calves 15

1/15/2013 measurements
148 lbs and 29% bodyfat (may not be totally accurate)
neck 14 (fat lol)
chest is still 36 I believe but may be a little smaller; bras feel a little loose (could have gone down a cup size)
arms 12!
waist 31.5!
hips 39.5!
Thighs 24!
Calves 15

So, coupled with the increased fitness/strength... I'm pleased. I think I've found the correct calories I should be eating to lose... it's something that will continue to evolve and change though. Your body adapts!


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