Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cyber Monday Haulage

I did almost all of my Christmas shopping on the Monday following Thanksgiving, also known as Cyber Monday. I shopped through Ebates. If you guys don't know about it, oh boy, you should TOTALLY join up. The following link will take you to Ebates and, if you sign up and shop, gives me AND you $5 :-) You could go to Ebates on your own but wouldn't a free $5 be cool?

Ebates referral

Ebates is a website for online shopping which has a TON of stores on it. You sign up and then just log in to your Ebates account and click on your favorite store links through Ebates and go online shopping. Ebates gives you a percentage of your spent money back via check. For example, elf (eyeslipsface) cosmetics has several coupons going right now including 50% off all Studio makeup with a $25+ order using the code BCGSTU50 and through Ebates you get 4.0% of your total back!

I spent $150 on Monday and got a check for $11.15 :-) Pretty cool. Now you can watch the percentages and shop when they are highest and get MORE money back. Okay, on to my purchases.

I bought several of these Dickies Pocket Tees for my Grandfather, they are his favorite things to wear to work. I bought some last year as well and they have held up really well. Old Navy has some great t-shirts too but I like these better :-)

Dickies Pocket Tee

For my father I bought the Croft & Barrow Full Zip Sweater in Charcoal Heather. My Dad looks awesome in black but I thought a dark grey would look a little more fashionable/sophisticated :-) Also, I got this because it's more jacket than sweater really and he has a really heinous faux leather bomber thing that he always wears. Hopefully he'll trade it in for this!

Croft & Barrow Full-Zip Sweater

I got one thing for myself because I have just one purse... it's also from Kohl's. I got the Nine and Co. Zip To It Satchel in Black. I can't find a picture of it on the website anymore but there are pictures of it in pink and silver. I LOVE this purse. It is huge and I think pretty trendy without being over the top. However, my other purse has two compartments.... one on the side like for change or lipsticks and one in the middle where I put my receipts and stuff. This new purse only has the small zippered compartment in the side and the rest is just a big empty space. Hahah. I love that it has tons of space but I want to figure something out to get in there to be more organized. Any ideas? Perhaps a big wallet... not sure.  Here's the link to the photo anyway.

Nine and Co. Zip To It Satchel

I got some of those faux Ugg boots for my Aunt in the beginning of December that she said was all she wanted for Christmas but I know she likes jewelry so I got a couple of bracelets I think she may like. I got one that's silver and blingin' and another that's pretty simple and gold.

Trifari Silver-Tone Stretch Bracelet

Daisy Fuentes Stretch Bracelet in Gold

Now all of this cost me $130, pretty spanky huh? I also got free shipping. Now, there's about one full day before Christmas and I've realized I am missing presents for like 4 people. Hahah. I will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off tonight getting last minute presents. Bottle of wine anyone? LOL

How have you all done with your Christmas shopping? Get anything awesome for yourselves? :-) Thanks for reading and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Be safe

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