Friday, February 18, 2011

Update for 2011

Hello Ladies (and gents, maybe?)

I know it has been a long time since I posted last and I've said this before... and also said I was going to try and post more... and yet here we are again, haha. 

This was originally going to be a blog about my weightloss journey... I thought that if I started writing about it online and got some followers I would be more inclined to continue with exercising, eating right.. and I could loose weight and keep it off. But I didn't. I am such a classic case of the yo-yo dieter. I go a couple weeks, maybe even a month.. where I eat well and exercise on the regular... then I drop off of it be it for stress in my work life (or lack of work life) or trouble with my knees or something... just an excuse. Also, if I see I've lost a couple pounds then for some reason I am more inclined to eat a cookie.. or several spoonfulls of ice cream. It doesn't even matter if I don't have these things in my house... I go buy them.

Does anyone else do this? I feel like I'm probably not the only one... I'm so one of those people that eats their feelings too... or eats when they're bored.

For 2011 I vowed to myself that I would exercise at LEAST 3 days a week... for the most part I've done this and it's been great! I've only lost about 4 pounds but it's been off this whole time so... that's sweet. 

I haven't set any serious weightloss goals... like 2 pounds a week or whatever because I feel like it'd make me depressed if I didn't achieve that and then I'd eat and GAIN weight.

I've also still been dealing with unemployment. It sucks so bad. I'm on year number 2... gawd. Just writing that makes me feel so awful. I know in this also I'm not alone but it's hard not to feel that way when you're surrounded by people who HAVE jobs, haha. Also, in all that time I only had like 3 interviews. That's nuts right?!

Ugh. So, pretty much nothing has changed over here since my last post. Lol. Sad but true. Still loving makeup.... still with the same guy (and we're still living together)... still trying to remain positive that I'll find a job and be able to pay my bills with said job AND hopefully put SOMETHING away in the bank. I got my taxes done and was pleasantly surprised to learn that I WILL get a bit of return even though I've been unemployed. That's nice. 

Anyway, I will be posting (hopefully) weekly and giving you guys updates on what I've been doing, both makeup, life, and exercise wise. I will be doing weekly weigh ins (on Tuesdays) so the posts will either be done Tuesday or Wednesday, even though it's Friday right now. Hahah. My last weigh in put me at 145.5 and I am roughly 5'1".  I've also been using my wii fit and it has given me a BMI (body mass index) of like 26... last time I was on it it was 28... both are overweight according to it.. for like my height and age and stuff, however, the recommended weight is 116 and I just don't think I will EVER weigh that... and I don't think I really want to. My ideal weight right now is 130. So, I have about 15 pounds to loose. :-(

I'm using Fitness Pal on my iPhone (and on the website) to track my calories... the calories that I eat and the calories that I burn while exercising. It's a little tough to do that when I do the Insanity workouts but they are mostly cardio and calisthenics (push ups, etc.) so I just type that in.

If anyone is interested in joining me on this that would be so great! You could leave comments to the posts on how you've done for the week... etc. If you all have a similar blog feel free to link to me and I will try and read every one and comment as well.

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Aww, this is very beautiful!!
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