Thursday, November 19, 2009

Outfit of the Day :-)

I don't have any pictures (was running late this morning) but here's my outfit of the day today!

Items in this set:
Old Navy dress, $25
Old Navy sweater, $37
Old Navy boots, $30
Old Navy tights, $9.50

These are three of the things I got in my Old Navy shopping spree (an early xmas gift from my Aunt). I got another pair of the boots in khaki, a black pair of the tights, and two sweatshirts in grey and white.

WARNING for any interested in these cable knit tights - get a size above what you'd normally get. The top part of the tights (crotch and bum area) has this odd stitching that gets super tight. I wish I'd gotten a bigger size because it's a litle uncomfortable at the top, particularly when I sit. I regret being too excited about the package that I ripped into everything and then after I'd gotten the grey pair on was like NOOOOO. Hahah.

The dress is so great! I NEVER wear dresses and this is the first probably since 2 years ago when my Aunt on my dad's side got married, haha. I NEVER wear dresses (granted it's with thick tights but whatever!) and I don't feel akward or gross at all. I think this is one of those "shirt" dresses so it is really rather boxy and loose but it has a really cute belt that sits high up on the waist so it cuts a cute figure.

Hope everyone's having a good week and are looking forward to Thanksgiving. Can't wait for the turkey coma ;-)

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