Monday, November 16, 2009

RANT against Forever21 sizes


The blazer I was so excited about that I posted about purchasing online from Forever 21 came and IT DOESN'T FIT ME!!! I got it in a large because I know their stuff runs a bit small (I'm usually roomy in a medium) and this thing wouldn't even button!! I am by no means fat, I know this despite the fact that I often call myself fat, but I am busty. I have a bigger chest but that wasn't even the REAL problem with this thing (it was a tad tight around the chest). I am petite so a lot of shirts and such can be longer on me - this blazer didn't even reach my waist!!! It looked like I'd hacked off half of the damn thing as it came to just below my bust where my ribcage starts, way too high above the waist to even look like it's supposed to be a cropped style.

It was like I bought something from the children's section - WTF!?! Am I wrong in the knowledge that Forever 21 is for WOMEN and young adults??? I'm so pissed. It is such a sucky feeling to buy something in a size up and then have it not fit you. I feel fat and gross and depressed because I had SO many outfits planned with that blazer, lol.

Ok, end rant I guess. The other shirts I got fit. I guess I will have to start hunting for another blazer now. Anyone have any suggestions? I want something between a boyfriend blazer and something more feminine.

Aside from this everything's peachy in my life, lol. I bought some other stuff from Old Navy so waiting for that to get in - some warm tights, a couple sweatshirts, a dress, and a couple pairs of boots (similar to the pair I bought at AMIclubwear). I'm super bummed about the blazer though. This is after I'd just rediscovered a shruggy shawl thing I'd bought from Forever21 that I didn't think fit either but I realized just should be worn with t-shirts :-) One item back in the wardrobe and one out I guess. I can probably give the blazer to my Aunt - She's slimmer than me and it might look right on her taller frame, who knows. I guess one shouldn't buy stuff like blazers and jackets online if you don't really know the shop's sizing in that area.

How's everyone's November going? Struggling with my Lia Sophia direct selling business... no one is booking shows and no one is interested in ordering. Boo. I've set up an online shopping event through my personal web site with them throughout november and into december so I'm hoping I'll get some bites on that.

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