Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

According to my scale today (after my breakfast) I weigh 144 lbs. 

Woo! I love that I've been staying under 150, even after I've cheated on my healthy eating :-( Hehe.

My breakfast is usually a bowl of Oats & More (Market Basket brand) with a banana or an apple and coffee... or quaker oats instant oatmeal and coffee.

For lunch I usually make a sandwich (not a huge carb eater but can't say no to bread.. and wheat thins!) and snack on some carrots (good crunch factor). Sometimes I will go with eggs and make a 2 egg omelet with a bit of grated cheddar and black olives.

Dinner varies but I eat a lot of pork, chicken, and lean hamburg with corn, or spinach, or green beans, or broccoli. 

For my weightloss I've been trying to stick between 1200-1500 calories a day depending on how much I work out. If I don't work out than I try to stick close to 1200. To count my calories I use the iPhone application My Fitness Pal, however, they have a website you can use as well... you can track your calories and your exercise.. although at times it can be a guess-timation if the database doesn't have the exact food you've eaten. It was annoying to try and add in my Insanity workouts..

I got a gym membership today and I am super excited but also a little nervous. I feel like it may be hard for me to keep going to the gym on my own (none of my friends wanted to join). However, the gym I joined is one of the ONLY ones I was able to find that have group exercises like... after 10am, haha. I think going to a few group exercises a week will keep me motivated to go to the gym even though I am on my own.

On the treadmill it took me about 30 mins to run 3 miles. However, when I'm outside my time is a few minutes faster. Weird, huh? So, today I ran 3 miles and did some floor workouts like sit ups, push ups, and various plank work. I'm trying to decide what to do on certain days.. I know it will be important to keep my workout one that varies from day-to-day so I don't get bored and my weight loss doesn't plateau. 

Some tips I wanted to give to you guys:

  • STRETCH!! I cannot stress this enough... You should warm up for about 5 minutes (more if you're a beginner) before you begin any vigorous exercise. Following your warm up you should stretch. When you're stretching make sure you are not straining, do not force a stretch too far (don't try and do a split if you can't... or touch the floor between your feet if you can't). Hold a stretch to the point where you can feel the pull in your muscle and then keep it there. As you progress in your exercise you will become more flexible. Also, do not BOUNCE when you are stretching.

  • FORM!! This is another big one. When you are performing an exercise you need to make sure you are performing it correctly. If you are lunging make sure that your back leg is straight and your front knee does NOT go past your toe. At first this may take you a while to get down... that is not a big deal. Before you try to pound out 100 lunges or something make sure you are doing them right. Not only could you injure yourself but more likely than not you are not getting the benefit of the exercise by performing it badly.

  • If you are someone that is trying to loose weight and you are strength training (lifting weights) than you should be working with low pound weights and high repetitions. This means 3-5 pound weights and no less than 15 repetitions. If you work with heavy weights you are going to bulk up your muscles.. and muscle weighs more than fat so you could actually see the scale telling you higher numbers and this could lead to you getting discouraged.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post :-) Have a great week!

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